About Us

Market on the Move was founded by two entrepreneurs who collaborated to establish means to serve the local community during the Covid-19 pandemic. As families and businesses struggled, Luca and Natasha worked together to create Market on the Move; a free food delivery service to local community members that assists small businesses serve the community.

For years, the team worked at local markets promoting and selling our products. When COVID-19 hit, consequently shutting down communities, local businesses such as ours were faced with portentous revenue losses. Families, including our own, faced challenges to find products that were not sold out or sold at reasonable prices. 

The team was concerned with the global pandemic and how families and small businesses were being affected. With local farmers’ markets being reduced, the maximum capacity per entry of consumers and festivals being cancelled; producers were beginning to suffer. So, the team designed Market on the Move to help local businesses thrive and designed a no fee delivery service to support families by providing them with the confidence to shop safely from their own homes at no extra cost. 

 The team realized that the global pandemic was changing the way people shopped and wanted to provide citizens with a safe cost-effective way to get groceries. Times are changing and it was apparent that small businesses needed to adjust in order to do 

their part to keep everyone safe. 

 It is with great confidence that we have developed Market on the Move. It is our mission to better serve our community by doing our part to keep people safe and providing community members with fresh local products at no extra delivery cost. 
At this current time, we are not offering delivery or shipping services but you can find us weekly at the Barrie farmers market from 8 am to 12 pm. And a variety of other farmers markets in simcoe county. Our products are also sold year round at EFT farms in Cookstown ON. 
Follow us on Facebook and instagram @pjsmeats for updates and a list of markets you can find us at.